Service Over Self

The Rotary Club of Babcock Ranch is more than just a non-profit organization—it’s a collective of local visionaries driven by the commitment to foster positive global change through humanitarian service. We are a tapestry of community and business leaders united by a belief: every act, no matter how small, can make a difference, and no vision, no matter how grand, is too ambitious.

The club is a beacon of hope that actively congregates leaders from various facets of our community. Our mission? To harness our collective strength, knowledge, and compassion to instigate positive change through humanitarian endeavors. Our esteemed members, comprised of business magnates and influential community figures, rally around a shared conviction: every individual act can create ripples, and there’s no ceiling to what a grand idea can achieve.

Rooted in the quaint town of Babcock Ranch, Florida, our reach is anything but limited. As proud members of the global Rotary fraternity, we are intertwined with a diverse community of over 1.2 million like-minded souls spread across 180 countries. This vast network doesn’t just magnify our voice—it empowers us to extend our humanitarian touchpoints to even the world’s most remote corners.

Beyond our global endeavors, our meetings are a crucible of innovation, collaboration, and kinship. They offer a platform where ideas are sown, partnerships are fostered, and visions for a better world are painted. If your heart resonates with making a tangible difference and being part of something greater than yourself, we wholeheartedly invite you to experience one of our gatherings firsthand as our honored guest. Your journey towards impactful change could very well start with us.

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Our global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, and leaders volunteer their skills and resources to solve important human issues and address complex community needs and support.

Exchange Ideas

As People of Action in Babcock Ranch, we are inclusive, engaging, compassionate, and ambitious for our community. It all begins with sharing ideas and individual passions.

Take Action

Solving some of the community’s & world’s most pressing problems takes real commitment and vision. We believe that we are responsible for taking action to improve our communities.

Our bi-weekly meetings are open to all fellow Rotarians and interested non-Rotarians.  Know that you will be warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in our fellowship with one another. 

Meeting Day

Second and Fourth Monday

Each Month

Meeting Time


6:30-8:00 pm

Meeting Location

Slater’s Goods & Provisions

42881 Lake Babcock Dr, Babcock Ranch, FL

Can we count on you?

Become one of Rotary’s people of action or explore the many opportunities we have for anyone — whatever your age or interest — who wants to improve lives in communities near and far. Join us to make an even more significant impact – together.