The committees promote service and fellowship among the members through organized Rotary service projects and fundraisers.

1. Fundraiser Committee – chaired by Priya Ahluwalia and Taylor Sawatzky

The club Fundraiser committee’s role is to develop and implement a plan to support the Foundation through program participation and financial contributions through community and international service.

2. Youth Service Committee – chaired by Aly Sutter

The general mandate of the Youth Service Committee shall be to provide programs and resources related to the educational and leadership development of youth and young adults.

3. Grants Committee – chaired by Cynthia Lamberth

The committee’s primary goal is to ensure that the club grant opportunities are clearly identified.

4. Membership Committee – chaired by Peter Widmark

The Club Membership Committee’s role is to develop and implement an action plan for membership development that actively attracts, retains, and engages members.

5. Disaster Relief Committee – chaired by Pat Ronyak

The District Disaster Relief Committee (DRC) will initiate disaster relief operations in response to a disaster, catastrophic incident, or incident of national significance that has impacted District 6960 or outside the boundaries of the District.

6. Project Pipeline Committee and Spirits Fellowship Committee- chaired by Mohit Pohani

The goal of the Project Pipeline Committee is to ensure each project has a framework to help keep track of what’s going on and drive success.

The Spirits Fellowship Committee aims to bring people together for fellowship and fun.

7. Sustainability Committee – chaired by Laurie Widmark

The Committee aims to identify relevant environmental activities in the local community and district and seek to align partnerships with Rotary to provide clubs with further environmental project opportunities.

8. Public Image Committee – chaired by Priya Ahluwalia

The club’s public relations committee creates and implements a plan to tell Rotary’s story to the public and promote the club’s projects and activities.