Priya Ahluwalia

President-Rotary Club of Babcock Ranch

Entrepreneur, Educator, and Dedicated Rotarian

Priya Ahluwalia, a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur, has committed over 14 years of her life to harnessing the hidden potential within businesses and individuals. Priya’s name has become synonymous with growth, development, and positive transformation, with a portfolio that spans startups, teaching, and nonprofits.

A dual Master’s holder in Chinese Language and English Literature and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Priya’s academic prowess blends seamlessly with her diverse professional experience. Her global journey has seen her impact lives from China to India and the United States, gaining a unique perspective and rich skill set that sets her apart in the business world.

But Priya’s journey with Rotary since May 2022 has marked a transformative phase in her life. Through Rotary, Priya found a platform to expand her passion for human potential and connection to a more profound level. Her commitment to community service and humanitarian efforts has become a cornerstone of her identity.

As a member of Rotary, Priya has been actively involved in projects focused on education, healthcare, and community development. She believes in Rotary’s “Service Above Self” motto and has dedicated her time to building a better future for those in need. Priya’s Rotary journey represents not just membership in an organization but a lifelong commitment to a cause that resonates with her core.

From mentoring young entrepreneurs to providing educational resources in underserved communities, Priya’s Rotary engagements mirror her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to inspire change. Her initiatives reflect a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between personal development and societal growth.

Priya’s journey is a testament to her belief that every individual has untapped potential, and through her work with Rotary, she continues to unlock that potential for others. Whether in the boardroom or a community service project, Priya Ahluwalia remains a beacon of growth, empowerment, and inspiration. Her Rotary journey is not just a chapter in her illustrious career; it symbolizes her dedication to making a tangible difference in the world.

To reach out to Priya directly, email her at [email protected].